Store & Service


Somar Motor is a national chain of retail stores and service centers in order to ensure our customers enjoy the latest products and get advice and customized services.

We have a large customer service team to serve returns, exchanges, Damaged Goods, Refunds, complaints, comments or any other inquiries.

Our stores are staffed with professional technicians that can describe every product we sell. You will also receive friendly and knowledgeable service when you call our Customer Service Center for ordering and information.



Manufacturing of Somar Motor with higher production in the specialized parts for Jeep, Suzuki and SUV Caribbean, we show a cutting-edge image while preserving the strong identity our company in order to offer our customers easier to get parts for their vehicles SUV. In those skills become our manufacturing factory best quality products for ATV and offer safety and comfort of your own specific vehicle. The truth makes exceeded all our expectations of our founder which is an advantage as effective even now able to have our own technical base already established, the sixties brought to our future. But above all, were years of real expansion for today open to the general public around the world through our website.



Our storage works as a process of logistics function is the receipt, storeroom and movement within the warehouse to the point of our pieces for sale, or solicitation of our stores. The warehouse of our company aims to optimize two specific factors: flow and physical distribution, thus constituting the management of one of the most important for the proper functioning of the activities we currently have. The stock Somar Motor wants to ensure uninterrupted services and rhythmically based on Order Management and Distribution. Thus, the area of responsibility of warehouse area born in the reception of our physical complex on site and extends to its maintenance in the best condition for further treatment. For this reason we have a large inventory and organization with which we all thanks to our inventory and warehouse personnel.


Store an old-terrain vehicle provides the owner pride and a valuable vehicle to compete with the value of a new car for this reason we specialize in restoring jeeps. Although we know the age and condition of the vehicle will determine the necessary level of restoration, we are willing to give satisfaction to our customers. Our team has extensive experience of over 30 years in the industry with all restorations at any level terrain vehicles. Many of our projects have been recognized for the quality. We also perform any tasks indoors restorations panel, ceilings and backsplashes. Comprehensive upholstered in genuine leather or fabrics. Restorations Paint and equipped with some facilities. We adapt to the needs and budget of our clients from an economic refurbished paint and interior or entry point to major reconstructions of all levels.

The following restoration work:

  • Motor Restoration
  • Transmission Restoration
  • Structure Restoration
  • Inspection of Suspension
  • Body Restoration
  • Restoration of the Interior
  • And much more