Our story starts in 1983 when Carlos Ramos opened an upholstery shop in the small farm town of Las Marías, Puerto Rico. Born in 1958, Carlos came from humble beginnings, working in a farm to help support his mother and siblings. He grew up watching farmers driving around in their Jeeps which led him to start fabricating Jeep seats from scratch. Over the years, he began to take an interest in fabricating his own Jeep accessories, soft tops, bikini tops and more and thus started his auto parts business. With the help of his wife, Ana, and his three children, Juan, Johanna and Carlos Javier, La Casa del Jeep has become one of the leading companies in Puerto Rico with five retail stores around the island and over XXXXX Jeep and Suzuki parts and accessories in stock.


Wanting to provide a better customer experience and fulfill our clients Jeep needs, Carlos Javier traveled to Florida in 2017 where he opened a warehouse with exclusive products including the Jeep seats his father designed over 30 years ago. For five years he has been exclusively selling online and will be opening its first retail store in the continental US in February 2023.